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Mike-Capps,-CDTIntroducing Technic Dental Lab, Inc.

Delivering the finest in craftsmanship since 1979

Cosmetic dentistry is evolving faster than ever as technology and materials become more advanced.

We understand your drive and determination to keep pace with these advances and to maintain the highest quality standards for your dental practice.

Technic Dental Lab is right there with you. At Technic Dental Lab we believe in a partnership between the dental lab and the dental office to create the highest quality patient experience as well as support for the Doctor and Team.

We are committed to continuing education for our technicians and staff so that we can remain ahead of the technology curve and assist you in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. We maintain policies of communication, education and a quality standard so high that you will always want to choose Technic Dental Lab when restoring your patients to an oral health level that they deserve.

I trust that Technic Dental Lab's state-of-the-art facility and our use of the newest technology will move us into the bright future with you!

Mike Capps, CDT
President & Owner

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